What is Paprykarz?

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„Paprykarz z Gruzem” a self-sufficient, low-budget gravel event around Szczecin on the eastern and western side of the Oder River. Over the most interesting and not the easiest segments of the area in a fair proportion of the surface so that you can talk about gravel riding. The premise of the challenge is to start in the Fastest Know Time formula. That is, a solo start between 1.05.2024 and 30.09.2024, along a designated route in a designated direction. You decide the time and place of the start yourself. It is important that you stick to the trail and take care of the exact start and finish point. You will be verified by sending a public link to the activity on Strava. Shortly after completing the challenge.


The 2024 edition features the best segments of the Szczecin area. We start in the city centre under the ‘Wały Chrobrego’ (Chrobry Embankment) and head to the northern, forgotten shipyard areas and the deteriorating cobblestones and driveways of northern Szczecin. In this way, we avoid the city’s busiest roads and get to know a Szczecin that no one has visited for a long time. In this way, you will pass smoothly into the Wkrzańska Forest and then take the forest roads into Germany. There, a multitude of gravel roads await you amidst fields of grazing cows. Roads along windmill farms, characteristic panelled roads along which you will reach the Oder River. Cross the river via two bridges before Gryfino and through the woods into the Bukowa Forest. Where our ‘mountains’ will warm the calves before licking the Goleniowska Forest. Finally, a treat in the form of a sunset overlooking Szczecin, Lake Dabie and the Marina.


The start is permitted from 1.05.2024 to 30.09.2024. The start point is arbitrary. It is important that the starting point coincides exactly with the moment the activity ends. The direction of the round is also unchanged. The FKT formula assumes a solo competition, with no group ride, family on the course or technical car. Any doubts, irregularities may result in a time penalty or exclusion from the competition. Those who wish to take part in the fun by riding in company may do so. They will, however, be excluded from the time classification, but their start will be recorded. Upon completion, a link to the activity on strava must be sent immediately. Those who send the activity after a few weeks may be excluded from the classification. It is possible to deviate from the route – e.g. to get to the shop, in which case you must return to the trail along exactly the same route.
We recommend uploading the gpx file directly onto the navigation device. Any importing of the track from portals such as Komoot or others may unfortunately change the route, which will mislead the navigation and may result in time penalties or exclusion from the competition.


If you would like to take part in the event, please send an application email to: info@oskarcycling.pl